The Team

Foule was created by Atwood (Jean-François Bolduc and Éric LeBlanc) whose work was made possible by a large slate of contributors. From the La Bordée team to the artists and professionals that took part in various project stages, everyone pooled their talents to achieve something few would have thought possible. The project was completed under extremely challenging conditions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a period of isolation for everyone that only strengthened our desire to reach out and connect with others.

  • Marie-Josée Lépine

    Coordination and Media Relations

  • Émile Beauchemin

    Digital Artist – Projections

  • Simon Paquet

    Technical Director – Projections

  • Louis-André Labadie

    Design and programming – Web platform

  • Catherine Arcand

    UX Design – Web platform

  • Juliette Griesemann

    UX Design – Web platform

  • Michel Nadeau

    Artistic Director – La Bordée

  • Bruno Brochu

    Executive Director – La Bordée

  • Rosie Belley

    Head of Special Projects – La Bordée

  • Élisabeth Dumont

    Communications Manager - La Bordée

We thank the other La Bordée team members for their logistical and technical support:

  • Félix Bernier Guimond

    Production Director – La Bordée

  • Nadine Delisle

    Technical Director – La Bordée

  • Sylvie Smith

    Client Services and Operations – La Bordée

  • Lisette Petit

    Accounting - La Bordée

Congratulations to the winners of the “Foule en mouvement” contest, displayed on the mural from February 17 to May 14, 2021:

  • Marc-Antoine Richard

    Motion Designer – Camion studio

  • Simon B. Bouchard

    Motion Designer – Camion studio

And a special thanks to our outstanding contributors.

  • Vincent Paquette

    Videographer – Web platform

  • Aimée Lévesque

    Copy Editor – Web platform

  • Mathieu Turcotte

    Sound Design, Project Launch – Projection

  • Marie-Ève Muller

    Copy Editor – Participant Stories

  • André Chouinard

    Production – Podcast

  • Paméla Bisson

    Sound Recording and Editing – Podcast and Play Excerpts

  • Mathieu Doyon

    Sound Design - Podcast and Play Excerpt Recording

  • Emmanuel Bédard

    Actor – Play Excerpt Recording

  • Frédérique Bradet

    Actor – Play Excerpt Recording

  • Lise Castonguay

    Actor – Play Excerpt Recording

  • Mathieu Bérubé-Lemay

    Actor – Play Excerpt

  • Pablo Strauss

    Translation and editing – English-language Web platform

  • Mary Thaler

    Translation and editing – English-language Web platform